Academic Activities


(1) “Wukan Protests in China”. World on Wednesday Lecture Series. College of Staten Island of CUNY. October 24, 2018.

(2) “The Role of Environmental NGO in Public Policy in China”. Dialogue with the Visiting Group from  Australia and Indonesia. Beijing. May 13, 2015.

(3) “Dialogue with The Minority Community in China: The Case Study of Tuva In China”. ESD-GAP International Symposium: International Message of the Chubu Bioregion ESD Model.  Chubu University, Aichi, Japan, February 8, 2015

(4) “Reflections on the Concept of Civilization from Nomadic Civilization”. Anthropology Forum of Peking University. Peking University, Beijing, July 20, 2014

(5) “Minorities & Futures in a Post 2015 Transformative Agenda”. People’s Sustainability Treaties:  2014 Workshop & Webinar. Ramapo College of New Jersey, April 5, 2014 (online Skype participation)

(6) “The Role of Entrepreneurship in the Development of Social Enterprise: The Case Study of ‘Xiezhi’ College Students Youth Hostel in Hangzhou. The 3rd International Seminar on Philanthropy & 2012 Conference on Social Enterprise in Eastern Asia. Tianjin, 8 to 9 December, 2012

 (7) “Culture Transformation of Chinese Tuva Society under the Modernization”. The Symposium of Grassland Ecology and  Human Values: Three Decades Research of Chinese Pastoral Anthropology, Guangzhou, China, 2 to 4 December 2011

(8) “Shamanism of Tuva People”. The Seminar about Ritual Study. Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.  April 19, 2011

 (9) “The Social Transformation and Impact on Chinese Tuva People”. The 1st  Joint Seminar for the Sociology Department of Peking University and Seoul University: Social Transformation in China and South Korea. Peking University, November 28, 2009.

 (10) “On Cultural Contact and Cultural Identity Concerning Tuva People’s Bilingual Education”. The 16th Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), Kunming, China, July 29, 2009.


(1) Interview by (In New York of US) (2017) 

Topics: “从普世价值谈幸福感” (“On happiness from Universal Value “) (in Chinese)

(2)  Interviewed by China Ethnic News (in Beijing of China) (2010)

Topics: “一场关于幸福的对话” (“The Dialogue regarding Happiness”) (in Chinese)


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