About Me

In 2012, I earned my Ph.D. in Anthropology. Now I am teaching at the College of Staten Island of CUNY and also conducting research. 

I grew up in a multicultural environment, with friends from different ethnic backgrounds. My experiences and feelings were deeply influenced and shaped by the plurality and diversity of the cultures I came into contact with. The interdisciplinary environment of my academic training has given me the opportunity to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and to understand the research topics I undertake from different perspectives. Ethnographic fieldwork in indigenous communities provides me with important opportunities to interact with and learn from local people from a holistic perspective. 

I like reading, writing, technology, cooking, music, exercise, etc.  In addition, I am also a pet lover. 

I hope to share my academic research through this website.

Hi, I Am Yuxin Hou

What are the goals of my research?

Each scholar has his or her own different research goals, and for me, research is not only a personal matter, but also a social mission, and my goals are as follows.

What are my teaching philosophies?

Teaching philosophy is an important guide to successful teaching, and my main teaching philosophies are as follows.

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