Hello I Am a Scholar of Anthropology and Sociology

Dr.Yuxin Hou

“Ethnology or Anthropology, the science of Man, must not shun him in his innermost self, in his instinctive and emotional life.” ― Bronisław Malinowski, Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

Academic Experience As A Scholar

I have gained many valuable things from research and courses teaching in Anthropology and Sociology. The study of human society and culture is a process that needs to be continuously deepened, which requires a great deal of reading, thinking, fieldwork and writing.

Research is a matter that benefits humanity, and I aim to advance the understanding of human society and culture in my research. In doing so, I hope to achieve mutual understanding and coexistence of human beings through cultural relativism.

Teaching is not only a way to impart professional knowledge,resolve doubts and cultivate talents, but it is also an important way to understand the needs of students as well as to promote the overall success of education.

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